Day-care for school holidays 8.30-6pm with the option off dropping off later and picking up earlier (see prices and dates)

Join us indoors and outdoors for Holiday Academy day-camp and Forest School

Half Term at Holiday Academy
October 22-26 2018
All Drop off and pick ups are at at Cavendish school, London, NW1

What to do during October 2018 School Half Term – Events and Children’s Activities October quality childcare

EARLY MORNING TENNIS CLUB with Coach Natasha: 9-10am (£7.50)

Drama with Emma Stanford – finding a theme and going with the children’s imaginations to create a fantastic working-group dynamic and find where it takes us!

This October the children will be creating a theatre of silhouettes, shadows and light – finding out what works best with a large white sheet and lamps.

Also up for exploration is ‘what, actually, is a witch?!’ using Macbeth’s 3 witches and the ancient Russian legend of Baba Yaga (who flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the birch tree forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs!) 

Baba Yaga makes a link between the wise women of early myths and the witches of the folk or fairytales. Round about the Cauldron Go!

For the youngest children, they will act out parts of the stories, having fun being scary, enjoying the new vocabulary and thinking about love and protection.

Music with Lisa Panther, a singer/ performer and vocal coach. Music is her passion and as well as performing professionally she teaches and inspires children and adults in schools, studios and choirs.

She will be exploring great songs/harmonies with all the age-groups, composing lyrics/tunes and getting into music in a new way with tons of fun!

Check out the Halloween trick or treat song list – Ghostbusters! Monster Mash, Jackson’s Heartbreak hotel, Purple people eater….

Sport with Coach Cale Edmunds will be more than just sport! He has devised some great playground games (with own-choice) as well as basketball, football, and athletics skills. Mornings and afternoons – we have far more outside-time than in a normal school day. There is tennis from 9-10am (£7.50) as an extra with Tennis coach Natasha Carter.

Art and Creative Science – is as much about the experimenting and exploring the process as the finished piece! There will be sewing, paint, tape, cutting, glue, glitter and yet more amazing resources for own choice and planned activities. There will be ‘terrifiying’ T-shirt decorating, dangling spiders and bat craft with conkers, ‘slime-time’ including fizzing, lava slime and plenty of play-dough – not to mention celebrating Autumn with leaf collages, mini scare-crows, planting conkers, sewing hand puppets, and painting with recycling – creations of many colours! Art is available throughout the afternoons, and from 8.30-10am

Fridays walk to Regent’s park for team games with Coach Cale and the team, and art activities. There’s an opportunity to dress up, and put on a Halloween party in the afternoon with a visit from Zoolab introducing some live super spooky/creepy Halloweenie beasties!

We are also expecting a visit from St. John Ambulance to launch the Big First Aid club for children. Skeletons / bandaged zombies seemed like a good starting point!

Afternoon activities: child-led – making dens, sport, and a great selection of books/board games, dressing up clothes and masses of lego; planned activities are art and creative science and sports sessions

There’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re wearing the right clothes, and this is so true that we are buying super quality waterproof gear to lend (please enquire). Junior Forest school and Senior Forest school programmes will run as usual, outdoors, (throughout the 4 seasons) in conjunction with the Day-camp as part of the childcare offered by Holiday Academy. This means that all children have extra hours available to them from 8.30-6pm. It’s also possible to drop off up to 10 am and pick up at 3pm (Junior Forest school) or by 4pm.

The power of play

FOREST SCHOOL is an inspirational alternative learning experience which takes
place on a regular basis outdoors in natural settings and across all seasons

Half term camps in London with Activities for Kids

October School Half Term London in 2018

  • Different activities each holiday
  • How lucky are we to have Hampstead Heath and Regent’s park so close by! We go exploring the natural environment in these parks: den/shelter building, making hot chocolate in Kelly kettles, team games and making friends, nature crafts, getting muddy, and having a great adventure, or just hanging out!
  • One day of outdoor kitchen cooking, learning to make fires safely, and cooking delicious camp fire food
  • Waterproof, outdoor jacket, trousers and boots essential –as are long sleeves, trousers, hat or cap and sun screen in Summer.
  • Find out more about Forest School ethos here
  • Both Forest schools include wrap around at Holiday Academy if required 8.30-6pm.Pick up/drop off from Holiday Academy venue, Cavendish school




*Booking Forest School for more than one day is recommended as each session is planned and evaluated. £55/ day

*We reserve the right to change the programme

Sample Timetable

*Our basic timetable (‘clubs’ are extra to this)

Things for kids to do during October 2018 School Half Term

8.30 – EARLY BIRD Activities: Art, Games/puzzles, Percussion instruments, Books, Den-building
9.15-10.00 – Settling in sessions for parents/carers to stay and play
10-10.30 – WARM UP/WELCOME
10.30-11.10 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport – Wash hands for snack
11.10-11.30 – SNACK TIME
11.30-12.10 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport
12.15-12.50 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport–Wash hands for lunch/Morning-only spickup time
13.00-13.45 – LUNCH
13.45-14.45 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Storytelling –walk to the park
14.50-15.50 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Story telling–walk to the park Gather up belongings for Home time/Wash hands for snack
16.00-16.15 – SNACK/Extended day Reviewing the day, Art/Crafts, Games, Books, Den-building
18.00 – HOMETIME

*We reserve the right to changes in the staff/programme