Join us indoors and outdoors for Holiday Academy day-camp and Holiday Academy Forest School

Summer at Holiday Academy
Monday 16 July-Friday 17 August 2018
Drop off and pick ups for both Holiday Academy and Forest school programmes at Cavendish school, London, NW1

We are still confirming some activities (some trips, art, and yoga workshops, for example) but see below for the broader details:

EARLY MORNING TENNIS CLUB with Coach Cale: 9-10am (£7.50)

Music with soul-voiced Lisa Panther exploring songs, body beats,  from ‘Flossing’ to Finger-Tutting and rhythmical movements. Experiencing great songs/harmonies together as a group, composing lyrics/tunes and getting into music in a new way with tons of fun!

Drama with Emma Stanford – finding a theme and going with the children’s imaginations to create a fantastic working-group dynamic. This holiday we are continuing Lewis Carroll’s fantastical Alice in Wonderland theme and nonsensical word-play with Hunting of the Snark. We will introduce the “impossible voyage of an improbable crew to hunt an imaginary creature”, and find where it takes us! 

Sport with Coach Cale Edmunds will be more than just sport! He has devised some great playground games (with own choice) as well as basketball, football, athletics skills and a fun mini-olympics. Mornings and afternoons – we have far more outside-time than in a normal school day.

Art and Creative Science – is as much about the experimenting as the finished piece! There will be paint, tape, cutting, glue, glitter and more – home-made slime and play-dough, hatching  more butterflies and planting flower seedlings. Art is available before and after the main part of the day and also during the afternoons.

Fridays walk to Regent’s park for team games and art activities with Coach Cale and the team

Afternoon activities: child-led – making dens, sport, and a great selection of books/board games, dressing up clothes and masses of lego; planned activities – art and creative science and sports sessions

There’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re wearing the right clothes, and this is so true! Junior Forest school and Senior Forest school programmes will run as usual throughout the 4 seasons – Summer is a special time for Forest school, warm but sometimes our wettest!

The power of play

FOREST SCHOOL is an inspirational alternative learning experience which takes
place on a regular basis outdoors in natural settings and across all seasons

  • Different activities each holiday
  • How lucky are we to have Hampstead Heath and Regent’s park so close by! We go exploring the natural environment in these parks: den/shelter building, making hot chocolate in Kelly kettles, team games and making friends, nature crafts, getting muddy, and having a great adventure, or just hanging out!
  • One day of outdoor kitchen cooking, learning to make fires safely, and cooking delicious camp fire food
  • Waterproof, outdoor jacket, trousers and boots essential –as are long sleeves, trousers, hat or cap and sun screen in Summer.
  • Find out more about Forest School ethos here
  • Both Forest schools include wrap around at Holiday Academy if required 8.30-6pm.
    Pick up/drop off from Holiday Academy venue, Cavendish school

*Booking Forest School for more than one day is recommended as each session is planned and evaluated. £55/ day

*We reserve the right to change the programme

Sample Timetable

*Our basic timetable (‘clubs’ are extra to this)

8.30 – EARLY BIRD Activities: Art, Games/puzzles, Percussion instruments, Books, Den-building
9.15-10.00 – Settling in sessions for parents/carers to stay and play
10-10.30 – WARM UP/WELCOME
10.30-11.10 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport – Wash hands for snack
11.10-11.30 – SNACK TIME
11.30-12.10 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport
12.15-12.50 – Music or Drama/Yoga or Sport–Wash hands for lunch/Morning-only spickup time
13.00-13.45 – LUNCH
13.45-14.45 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Storytelling –walk to the park
14.50-15.50 – Art/Craft – Sport/Games – Den-building – Story telling–walk to the park Gather up belongings for Home time/Wash hands for snack
16.00-16.15 – SNACK/Extended day Reviewing the day, Art/Crafts, Games, Books, Den-building
18.00 – HOMETIME

*We reserve the right to changes in the staff/programme