At Holiday Academy, we have fun and engaging music workshops and activities during which we and the children sing, compose, and play a variety of instruments, including drum, percussion, and ukuleles. We love all kinds of songs, old and new, with body beats, rhythmic clapping songs, good old Beatles singsongs, action songs, and trying out a bit of harmony. As we are a multi-activity camp each child will have a 40 minute session of music during the Holiday Academy morning.

Music Workshops for Kids

Music really is an amazing and really beneficial art form for people of all ages, but especially for kids who are growing, learning, and developing. By being exposed to a variety of different types of music and learning how to play a musical instrument, a child of any age can improve in many areas of his or her life. For example, music can help a child excel in the classroom at a variety of subjects, from maths to science. Music can also help a child become more expressive and confident, whether or not he or she enjoys performing in front of others.

Music Activities for Children

The staff at Holiday Academy makes it a point to offer a variety of musical programmes, sessions and music workshops for children of all ages. These programs are designed to give kids a deeper understanding of music so that they can better enjoy listening to it, dancing to it, and performing songs as part of a group learning alongside each other.

Music Workshops for Children

We have a Kodaly teacher, Kathy Hulme, as well as a soul singer, Lisa Panther, amongst our session leaders. They both have very different styles, thereby making all of the sessions great fun for all who participate. The children learn without realising that they are learning, and every session is planned for the different age groups that participate.
music workshops for children

For the Summer day camp 2015, we have started a Suzuki club! This is an intuitive and play-based way to learn the violin, but the club also includes group sessions with musical games that further enhance learning and promote a true love and understanding of the art of music. This club’s sessions fill up right away, so make sure that you book now so that you avoid any disappointment and so your child can participate! And if you have no idea what the Suzuki method of teaching music is and want to learn more about it, you can read our blog about the Suzuki method.

Ultimately, music brings so much joy into children’s lives, so teaching your child about music, from dancing to playing an instrument and more, is a great way to help him or her develop a variety of new social, motor, emotional, and intellectual skills while at the same time learning all about self-expression and workshops for kids

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