Holiday Academy – Our Summer camp is 17th July – 18th August at Cavendish School, Camden


Holiday Academy is a children’s day camp in NW1 London, for children aged 3-12 (in age groups) from all schools. Join us for exciting sessions including music, drama, art, sport and forest school each school holiday. See what we’ve been up to in our gallery! 

Summer Camp dates:

Monday 17th July – Friday 18th August Cavendish School, NW1 7HB

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Holiday Academy Summer Schedule 17 July-18 August at Cavendish School

This Summer the over-arching idea is STORIES…

telling them, writing them, reading them, imagining and exploring them. We have a theme each week with theatre options* to make the most of what’s on in London! We will weave these themes each week into the morning Sports, Drama and Music sessions, and Art/Science/Sport activities in the afternoon, making our own creations and performances. If the weather is good we will all walk to Regent’s Park for 10.30 start and return before 16:00. There will be early morning yoga and tennis from 09:00-10:00, and late afternoon football 16:00-18:00. *(for those at the weekends, please book tickets)

Week 1: Alice in wonderland week 17-21 July

11-year-old Alice is jolted out of her bored daydreams in the school holidays when she meets a talking rabbit who insists she follow him to a mysterious Wonderland… In this fantastical place Alice comes across a number of peculiar individuals including a relaxed caterpillar, a Cheshire cat, a depressive hare, a white knight, a romantic duchess, a mad hatter and a sleepy dormouse. She learns that all is not well in Wonderland: a mysterious (and very cross) Queen of Hearts seems distressingly keen to chop off everyone’s heads… We will be embracing all these characters and themes (like disappearing!) during the week.

We are very excited to say that there are some tickets left for Alice the Opera (Opera Holland Park) trip on Friday 21 July: 13.30-15.00 This amazing workshop explores Lewis Carroll’s extraordinary story and characters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 16:00-17.15: (5-11 yrs) The Fantastic Performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will be in the Yucca garden at Holland Park (pick up from Holland Park or back at Cavendish school). For both Opera and Workshop inclusive the cost is £15/child. Click to email me

Week 2: Amazing Art, Scintillating Science, and Stupendous Sport week 24-28 July

Monday 24 July, exciting afternoon trip to Tate Modern (Boiler House – #tatestart) 13:00 returning for 16:00. Tuesday 25 July, afternoon trip to Frieze sculpture exhibition in Regent’s Park. Morning activities are Ukulele sessions, Drama, and Sport. Afternoon activities will include growing mould, sprouting/planting seeds, making slime, making homemade musical instruments and exploring sound, building bridges and towers, puppets, clay modelling, making our own sculptures and contemporary art! Sport activities will include relay races, racquet and ball skills, shooting goals, tag rugby, obstacle courses, football kickabouts, basketball/netball, and own choice games and adaptations (sharkey..sharkey, Dr Dodgeball etc).

Week 3: Summertime Story week 31 July – 4 August

Learn the secrets behind Morpurgo’s writing process and discover more about the lives he has created for remarkable characters. For the older children we will also take another look at Hamilton the musical (story of the founding father) – learning skills such as how to rap. For the younger children we will explore scenes and songs from Disney and Pixar films such as Jungle Book, Moana, and The BFG. The Ukulele sessions will continue in Music.

Friday 4th Aug: Morning trip 10:00-13:00 to see Michael Morpurgo ‘A life-time in stories’ exhibition at the Museum of Childhood (featuring Joey, the original lifesize War Horse puppet) with Summertime story weaving activities.

Week 4: Oliver Twist – a Classic tale 7-11 August

The play is on nearby July-Aug at Regent’s Park Open Air theatre – Oliver Twist is an orphan who has been brought up in the workhouse. His adventures begin when he runs away to London. But, after meeting Fagin and his gang of pickpockets, will Oliver begin a life of crime….?

In the afternoons there will be some ‘Food, Glorious Food!’ (cold cooking), going back in history and investigating what it would have been like as a Victorian Child. What was London like then? Are there any other classic stories like this.. The little Match girl, The little Sweep, The waterbabies? Is the language very different? Can we make a cityscape of how it was then? And, of course, embracing some of the famous scenes and songs from Oliver in the morning music and drama sessions!

Week 5: 14-18 August – Introducing Shakespeare week

Midsummer Night’s Dream (on at the Rose playhouse, next to Globe Saturday, 12 Aug). There is a Shakespeare storytelling at The Globe theatre on Saturday 29 July 14:00 (please book your own tickets). A fantastical story with huge potential to explore in the Holiday Academy sessions…a night’s worth of confused couples, lopsided loyalties and a terrible case of mistaken identity. Supernatural Oberon and Titania, the fairy King and Queen, are not getting along and the whole forest is in a frenzy. Caught in the middle are four runaway lovers, a group of amateur actors and Oberon’s not-so-trusty helper, Puck! Magic and mischief is round every turn (including more than one love potion, and a very silly donkey!). Music, Drama, and Art will all reflect this in their sessions.



Outdoors all day
Exploring natural environment in local parks, den/shelter making, hot chocolate in Kelly kettles, team games, nature crafts, getting muddy, making friends and having great fun
Outdoor kitchen cooking for 6+, learning to make fires safely, and cooking delicious camp fire food
Waterproof, outdoor jacket, trousers and boots essential – as are long sleeves, hat or cap and sun screen


Find out more about Forest School ethos here
Both Forest schools (include wrap around at Holiday Academy if required 8.30-6pm). Pick up/drop off from Holiday Academy venue, Cavendish school