Please contact us if you have any questions that aren’t answered below or require any further information regarding a booking. You can also find more information on the activities we run by clicking here.

+ Do you have a First Aider on the premises?

There is a suitably qualified first-aider on site at all times.

+ What’s for lunch?

Please pack enough lunch for your child to last the day, plus snacks for morning break (nut free please). A child on an extended day must bring extra snacks for the afternoon. We have water fountains available which we encourage the children to use. An ice pack/cooler is recommended as we are not able store the packed lunches in a fridge.

+ Can my child bring their own musical instrument?

Yes, we are delighted when this happens. (Please note that your child’s personal property is your own responsibility.)

+ Behaviour Management policy?

All children have their off-moments and these will be handled in a non-judgemental way and strategies discussed with parents. If behaviour becomes eg. consistently disruptive, or a danger to the child itself, to other children or members of staff then an unacceptable behaviour warning will be issued. This will be at the discretion of the Holiday Academy Organizer or Manager. The parent or carer will be contacted immediately and the possibility of future or temporary exclusion from the course will be discussed.

+ Can my child bring valuable items?

We prefer children NOT to bring valuable items like designer gear, money, jewellery, phones and devices etc. We acknowledge that children may want bring in a mobile phone, but please note that anything able to take a photograph will not be allowed into the venue for child protection reasons, and will be kept at reception. We reserve the right to give an unacceptable behaviour warning for items used which consistently disrupt sessions, or affect the enjoyment of others at Holiday Academy. We cannot be held responsible or liable for lost property.

+ What about drop off and collection times?

Safety always comes first so we would ask that our pick up and drop off procedures are strictly adhered to, as they have been planned with your child’s security in mind. When delivering your children you will be asked to sign a register and provide details of anyone else who may be collecting the children in the evening. It is essential that you confirm each day who will be collecting the children in the evening. If the drop off and collecting signatories are not the same and we have no notification of changes, we will not be able to release the children in the evening. If you ring or email us with changes, we will phone back on the numbers we have to verify the change, using our discretion. We ask that all children are collected by 6pm at the very latest. If you are running late, please call Ruth or Alma on 07585 002 327. We will not charge a late fee, but will take a view if necessary.

+ What about DBS checks?

All the staff have current DBS checks.

+ What is your equal opportunity policy?

We are not specialist operators for all children with additional needs but we always consider each application. Please call Ruth on 07585 002 327 for further information, as much in advance of the required dates as possible.

+ What if my child has problems?

If any child is unhappy after the first day, for whatever reason, and he or she does not wish to return for the remainder of the programme, we offer a money back refund without hesitation providing you inform Ruth or Alma by 9 am on the second day (07585 002 327). This guarantee is only available if your child has not been issued with a warning for unacceptable behaviour.

+ Who do I ring about queries?

We are always available at drop off and pick up if you have any queries, and Ruth or Alma are available on 07585 002 327.

+ Can i see a sample timetable?

Yes! Please click here to view a sample timetable.