Creative and sporty Holiday Academy daycamp children’s activities, London, NW1

Holiday Academy day camp and Forest school is operational during school breaks and half terms. Check out what’s on here for this holiday.
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Half day 10am-1pm £35.00
Half day + (flexible hours) £40.00
Day 10am-4pm £45.00
Day + (flexible hours) £52.50
6-12s Senior Forest school £55.00
6-12s Forest school + more hours £62.50
3-6s Forest School 9.45am-3pm £60/day
3-6s Forest school + more hours £70
(Extra hours Hol Academy and Forest school 6-12s) – flat rate £7.50
Breakfast club from 8am – £10.00


Spring Hol 6-9 April 2021 – Cavendish school venue
Spring Hol 12-16 April 2021 – Cavendish school venue
Half term 1-4 June 2021 – Cavendish school venue
Summer Hol 12 July-13 Aug 2021 – Cavendish school venue

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