Yoga Sessions for Children

One of the things we love most about our Holiday Academy yoga and mindfulness sessions for children is the fact that children of any ability and fitness level can participate. Unlike some of our more strenuous sports activities, yoga seeks to establish a strong body-mind connection. Movements are slow and methodical which helps even the most hyperactive children to learn the art of focus and concentration.

We are proud to offer our yoga workshop for kids which is led by the yoga Alliance accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher, Anita Looby. Anita is a master at Yoga and Mindfulness and has been working with school children and with a number of after school groups.

We are thrilled to have her services for our Holiday Academy this year and we know our children will be literally enthralled with the movements Anita guides them through. Anita is our longest standing yoga teacher, and we have had other teachers too such as the amazing Julie Berentsen.

Yoga is also focused on breathing and controlling the breath to sustain and build various functions within the body. Yoga is not a religious or spiritual belief so it does not conflict with any faith the children might be practicing within the family. However, yoga does help children to go deep within to get in touch with their inner nature to achieve a sense of balance and wholeness.

Children suffering from disabilities don’t need to be left out of physical activity in yoga camp for kids because little fluid motions are easily mastered and breathing is natural to them. It’s the art of taking long, deep and focused breaths that is a primary focus of yoga and Anita guides them to breathe slowly, evenly and to concentrate on each inhalation and exhalation to feel the life giving oxygen moving through their bodies.

Holiday Academy knows full well the stress we face as adults but when yoga and mindfulness are learned early on in life, many adults can reduce the tension with the breathing and concentration techniques they learned as children. Our yoga workshop for kids helps them learn to take a step back, breathe and re-focus their energies which later in life can improve cardiovascular health and foster a sense of emotional wellness.

As one of our amazingly innovative holiday activities, we are happy to offer yoga camp for kids this year. Make your plans early to bring your kids to Holiday Academy during half-term and all the holidays and watch as your little people transform into calmer, more focused human beings. You will enjoy the experience as much as they do. Call us today for further information and enrolment criteria.