Holiday Sport Activities Day-Camp in London

At Holiday Academy we are passionate about giving our children the opportunity to burn up some of that wonderful energy, to really make the most of the holidays, be it a half term or a major holiday. Our sport activities and playground games for children offers a number of excellent physical sessions that also help build team spirit.

We love our teams in the UK so football, cricket, tag rugby, and relay races all take their place in our camp activities. There is great playground equipment, a climbing wall, and an additional early years playground with a slide and sandpit. We take care to plan and risk assess the sessions, make sure they are inclusive of every child, and appropriately aimed at the all levels of ability in each age group.

In recent years it has become evident that children just aren’t getting enough physical activity! Not only is there limited space in London schools for this, but also, as we know so well, there is the dreaded ‘screen-time’ which is great for some things but definitely not for physical fitness. This is another benefit of Holiday Academy – no screens – and tired but happy children by the end of the day!

Fitness awareness is at the centre of our sports workshop for kids so whether we are doing an exercise programme, playground games, obstacle courses or participating in team sports, it is always with the goal of promoting a higher level of fitness and balance. We take team sports very seriously as it teaches our youth to work together towards a common goal while also fostering a healthy spirit of competition and good social skills.

Our instructors and coaches work with ages from 3 to 12 years, and all activities in our sports camp for kids are appropriately aimed towards their level of development. We match them up quite evenly so no one feels at a disadvantage and as the fun begins, everyone takes a sense of pride in what they can do for themselves and their team.

Certain activities are set in pairs such as when we play tennis. With a more focused one-on-one type of activity we can begin developing the finer movements often needed to excel in a sport. The ultimate goal isn’t to create little athletes, however. Our mission is to use our sports workshop for kids to help keep them fit, active and energetic.

Parents love Holiday Academy because it helps to provide a place where youth can have fun but will also be well cared-for. School may be out for the session but we will be here helping to build strong muscles and bones through regular activity whilst fostering a team spirit and having so much fun.